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INADES: A Beacon of Hope in Housing Assistance

Homelessness is a complex issue, and at INADES, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions. Our Housing Assistance Project goes beyond shelter, aiming to help beneficiaries achieve housing stability and independence. Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness Learn more about our Housing Assistance Project and the impact it has on breaking the cycle of homelessness here.

Skills for a Brighter Future: The Capacity Building Project

At INADES, we go beyond immediate relief efforts, focusing on empowering individuals for long-term success. Our Capacity Building Project aims to equip beneficiaries with the skills and knowledge necessary to become self-sufficient and productive members of society. Transformative Training Initiatives Discover the impact of our Capacity Building Project and the success stories of empowered individuals […]

Empowering Through Clothing and Personal Care

At INADES, we believe in addressing the basic needs of our beneficiaries to foster positive change in their lives. Our Clothing and Personal Care Project plays a crucial role in meeting these needs. Through the generosity of our community and strategic partnerships, we collect, sort, and distribute clothing and personal care items to those experiencing […]