Our Programs

Housing & Homelessness

Housing & Shelter For Vulnerable People


We aid those facing homelessness by offering emergency shelter, housing aid, and job training. Our advocacy extends to promoting policies for affordable housing and addressing root causes like poverty and limited access to education and job opportunities. Our goal is to foster a just and equitable society, ensuring everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

Free Meals & Care

Rashford Feed Food Initiatives


Our NGO is dedicated to tackling food insecurity in the UK and Nigeria through free food programs. We believe that access to nutritious food is a basic human right. In the UK, our initiatives include food banks, community kitchens, and meal deliveries, while in Nigeria, we focus on enhancing food access and sustainable agriculture through community gardens and education programs.

With support from Marcus Rashford, we not only provide immediate relief but also strive to address the root causes of hunger. Our goal is to build resilient communities, ensuring everyone has the chance to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Knife Crime

Promoting Awareness And Training For Vulnerable People


Knife crime is a pressing issue affecting UK communities, especially youth. Our NGO is dedicated to raising awareness and preventing knife crime. We collaborate with young people, parents, and community organizations, offering training to foster positive choices and safety. Our aim is a safer, inclusive society, preventing knife crime and building resilient communities through collective effort.

Our Impact

Successful Programs and Initiatives

The Personal Development Program

Training initiatives that equip beneficiaries with skills and confidence for employment.

The Arts and Culture Program

Creative workshops in art, music, and drama fostering new talents and improving social skills.

The Digital Skills Program

Training in technology and digital literacy for success in today's job market.

Positive Outcomes

Increased Employment Rates

Success in helping beneficiaries secure employment or start their own businesses.

Improved Financial Health

Empowerment through financial literacy, leading to better personal finances and reduced debt.

Improved Health and Well-being

Access to healthcare and support for mental health and addiction issues, improving overall health.

Improved Housing Stability

Helped beneficiaries secure safe and stable housing, reducing homelessness.

Demonstrating Impact

Success Stories

Stories of beneficiaries transitioning to employment, housing stability, and improved well-being.

Outcome Data

Quantitative data showing increased employment rates, improved financial health, and reduced homelessness.

Beneficiary Feedback

Soliciting feedback to understand the impact of services and identify areas for improvement.

Together, Let's Make a Change