Our Services

Basic Needs Services


Providing warm, clean clothes to those in need.


Offering food and drinks to those who are hungry and unable to afford a meal.


Offering free haircuts to improve beneficiaries' overall appearance and boost their self-confidence.

Hygiene Kits

Providing personal hygiene kits to help beneficiaries maintain their personal health and well-being.

Training and Development Programs

Training and Development

Providing skills training, coaching, and support for beneficiaries to become job-ready and secure employment.

Financial Management and Literacy

Training in basic financial literacy to empower beneficiaries with practical skills to manage their personal finances.

Capacity Building and Skills Development Programs

Offering workshops in art, music, drama, and tech skills training to help beneficiaries discover new talents and boost their confidence.

Unique Services


Connecting beneficiaries to appropriate services such as housing, healthcare, and mental health support.

Referral Services

Facilitating referrals to external organizations and services.

Creative Workshops

Offering workshops in art, music, and drama to help beneficiaries discover new talents and boost their confidence and social skills.

Tech Skills Training

Providing training in technology and digital literacy, empowering beneficiaries with digital skills necessary for today's job market.

Together, Let's Make a Change